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Hi, I am unable to continue support for this plugin as I am no longer in contact with the person who did most of the coding for it. I will leave the thread below and the demo in place for any solutions / questions you may have. 
*** The Captcha is sometimes not working well in the current version of WordPress and in IE9… Does anyone have a solution for this?***

Quote Cart is a wordpress plugin designed to help you add product links to your site which when clicked display in a list in the Quote Cart widget. The visitor can then enter their name, email and message and send their product list to a designated email address. Perfect if you are building a site that contains products with fluctuating prices… or just a site that gives the power to the web site owner how much they want to charge for a product.

Here is a shot of an “ADD TO QUOTE” link in a post and how it changes to “REMOVE FROM QUOTE” if added by the user:



How To Install:

1. Download the file here

2. Install it into your wordpress site through the plugin directory

3. Go to Settings > Quote Cart and copy the shortcode to paste “Add To Quote” link in your post or use PHP Function. And configure General settings.

4. Place “Quote Cart” widget where you would the chosen products to display


To see a live demo of the quote cart in action go here

If you would like me to customize this plugin for you contact me here

Any questions please place them in the comment box below and ill add them to a forum soon



  1. admin says

    Hi Everyone one thing that’s come up about this plugin is that the Captcha is not working properly on some site. This issue is to do with your server. If your server does not have GD then the email in the widget wont send. Contact your administrator to fix this!

  2. Alyx says

    Is it possible to have a button link instead of text link for ‘Add to quote’?
    Also, what should I place in the url link?

    Thank you!

    • admin says

      Hey Alyx… I will look into the button option instead of ADD TO QUOTE text which is a good idea…
      As for the URL link, that is simply where you want the browser to go if the visitor clicks on the title of the product. The title will appear in the widget list if the user adds it to their quote list so the URL would normally take you to the part of your site which describes the product.

      • admin says

        Hi Alyx

        you can edit the plug in and change it to a button instead of ‘ADD TO QUOTE’

        Upload your “add to quote button” to your media and copy URL to clipborad
        on line 1669 where it says ADD TO QUOTE Change it to:

        <img src=’http://url link to your add to quote image’>

        so it looks like:

        return “<a href='”.$result[0]- rel=”nofollow”>url.”‘ target=’_blank’>”.$content.”</a>  <a href='”.my_fav_quote_create_link_url2().”fav-quote=”.$result[0]- rel=”nofollow”>id.”‘>
        <img src=’http://url link to your add to quote image’></a>”;

        Do the same as above for line 1672 and you can also use this method to change the REMOVE FROM QUOTE link

        Hope this helps

  3. says

    I activated correctly the plugin but the mail is not sent.
    The quote is correctly recorded.
    How can fix this problems?
    Thanks in advance

      • admin says

        Check the following:
        1) have you set the email address in settings > quote cart “send email to” field?
        2) Are you able to send emails through other forms on your site such as contact form 7? If you cant it may be an issue with your server

        • Fahad Tariq says

          Hi, i need some help. i have installed this plugin in my website. and its working fine. but the problem is Quote Cart widget appears only when user register and i login into website. without login Quote Cart widget doesn’t appear.

          and i want to display this Quote Cart widget without login. please help


  4. ceri says

    Thank you for this plugin! unfortunately the widget is a bit large for my sidebar (the name and email columns exceed the given space and overflow into the page content) can you advise me how to adjust so that the form widget will appear alike the following:


    rather than

    Name: Box
    Email: Box
    Message: Box

    As this will then allow for sufficient space to fit.

    Also any opportunity to include a date picker? I’m wanting to use for a spa service enquiry rather than a quote request so the ability to add a date would be helpful, most people would do this in the comments section i no but it would look a bit neater.



  5. says

    Hi Ceri,

    To change the look of the widget to what you have requested go to your plugin editor and edit quote-cart.php on lines 1514-1527 change it to this:

    $out = ‘<form action=”” method=”post” id=”requestQuote”>';
    $out .= ‘<table width=”100%”>';
    $out .= ‘<tr><td>Name:*</td></tr>
    <tr><td><input type=”text” name=”my_fav_quote_name” id=”my_fav_quote_name”/></td></tr>';
    $out .= ‘<tr><td colspan=2></td></tr>';
    $out .= ‘<tr><td>Email:*</td></tr>
    <tr><td><input type=”text” name=”my_fav_quote_email” id=”my_fav_quote_email”/></td></tr>';
    $out .= ‘<tr><td colspan=2></td></tr>';
    $out .= ‘<tr><td>Message:</td></tr><tr><td><textarea name=”my_fav_quote_message” id=”my_fav_quote_message” cols=18></textarea></td></tr>';
    $out .= ‘<tr><td colspan=2></td></tr>';
    $out .= ‘<tr><td>Security code:*</td></tr><tr><td><img src=’.get_bloginfo(‘wpurl’).’/wp-content/plugins/quote-cart/captcha.php?width=50&height=25&characters=5″ /></td></tr>';
    $out .= ‘<tr><td colspan=2></td></tr>';
    $out .= ‘<tr><td><input type=”text” name=”security_code” id=”security_code” size=”5″></td></tr>';
    $out .= ‘<tr><td colspan=2></td></tr>';

    Hope this helps…

    As for the date picker that is a bit more involved. If you would like the quote cart customized with a date picker please email me through http://www.churchmediaresource.com/contact and we can discuss


  6. Michael B says

    I’m using the Display widgets plugin to allow me to choose which pages/areas I wish certain widgets to display on. This plugin normally inserts a series of checkboxes at the bottom of the widget settings – however this does not display in your plugin’s widget. Any idea if this is a simple fix?

    If not, is there a way I can call the widget using PHP, I can use a conditional check then to only displat the widget on specific pages.

  7. admin says

    Hi Michael,

    A quick answer to this is that the Quote-Cart widget should work with the “widget logic” plugin…
    or you may be able to use this function to call it:

    good luck I haven’t tested either of these but hopefully at least one works! let me know…

  8. admin says

    Hi Casie

    Yes it is possible in theory. Install a plugin that executes php functions in pages like: Exec-PHP

    And then call this function in a page which should make the cart appear:

    I havent tried this but it should work… let me know how you go

  9. admin says

    Hi Mona,

    The Script is designed to write user information to a table if they are logged in and to the browser cookie if they are not logged in. If you are having problems it may be an issue with your browser settings… make sure your browser is set to ‘allow cookies’

    let me know how you go

  10. admin says

    Hi Dan

    Sorry about the delayed reply… this requires a bit of extra coding in a few areas which would take a bit of time to customize. Let me know if you are interested in some paid coding work done for you


  11. says

    When someone fills out the quote form on my site they get a confimation email from anonymous@au002lps00.cbr.the-server.com.au instead of my email address I have put in the from field and admin settings. Also the email is formatted with all the from the php code between each line.

    This form works perfectly on my other site so I though it was something to do with the server settings. I have contacted my website host and they said they can’t fix the problem and that I need to fix the php code.

    Any help would be great as I just seem to be going around in circles.

  12. admin says

    Hi Casie

    I just ran a couple of tests at your site using different emails one email client (‘Mail’) did NOT show the anonymous@au002lps00.cbr.the-server.com.au line and the ‘outlook’ email did…

    I will look into what can be done about that but may be problematic given different servers handle the code differently.

    I can tell you that Hostgator handles it no problem and parses the br tags which are showing up in your emails. Your server obviously handles PHP differently to Hostgator which is PHP5 i think!!!… Might be worth checking out server PHP versions so you can clarify if that is the issue.

    If you can put up with the clunky ‘from’ field and want to kill the br tags delete the br tags on lines 1437-1442 so it looks like:

    $user_message .= “Hello “.$name.”,”;
    $user_message .= “Thank you for your Quote Requests.
    Your Quotes are :”;
    $user_message .= $quotes.””;
    $user_message .= $quotes2;
    $user_message .=”We will contact you soon”;

    And it should look a lot better.

  13. Simon says

    I can’t get the widget to appear, I had it working about 2 weeks ago but since then nothing.
    I am using the latest xampp on portable apps as a testing platform.
    I had it running in wp 3.1.2 I think, have upgraded to 3.1.4 since.
    Am now using a fresh install of wp 3.1.4 with the only plugin being Quote Cart
    The widget is in the widget area, the code was cut and pasted into the post.
    I am logged in as admin. I click on “add to quote”, the screen refreshes but the widget does not appear. There is no information in the table wp_user_quotes.
    Is it an issue with me or wp 3.1.4?

  14. Simon says

    Just realised I can’t get your live demo to work either now, possibly due to my using Firefox 5 or IE 9 (tried it in both)?

  15. admin says

    Hi Simon

    Sorry the response has taken a while…

    There are some problems with the shortcode which I will take a look at. Inserting the add to quote link through PHP function seems to work better and works well on the live demo (the smaller add to quote link)

    I would recommend calling the PHP function in the loop or if you don’t want it in every post use a plugin that executes php functions in posts and pages like: Exec-PHP

    This should work. The only downside to this is that you cant control what title appears when the link is clicked (by default it will be the post / page title).

    Let me know how you go

  16. Jon says

    I’ve use Quote Cart on a site I’m building for a friend, I’m not too experienced with WP to say the least, but it’s working fine in safari, but not in FF or Opera (haven’t tried it on a pc yet). Is there something I have to do differently for these or could it be a conflict with other plugins just on those browsers and not safari. I’ve tried you demo on both FF and Opera and it works just fine.

    Thanks in advance

  17. admin says

    Hi Jon…
    there has been some problems with the implementation of the shortcode in the latest version of WordPress which is not yet resolved… The best way to insert the code is by calling the PHP function and structuring your site so that every post is a product and the link therefore appears in every post… Then use your pages for other information
    hope this helps

  18. Jon says

    I’m not sure I can do it that way I have tables with lists of items and the add to quote in the list.
    Is there another way to do what I’ve done?
    Also is there a way to have rollover buttons (images) instead of the text?
    I’ve been able to have non rollover button following the post above.
    Thanks again

  19. admin says

    I see…

    two options here:
    1) the problem with the shortcodes is that they are not registering the widget properly. Once the widget appears they should work ok in theory. So what you can do is maybe create a php link which may simply be called “open quote cart” so the user clicks the link to begin adding quotes. You may put that at the bottom of every / page post or perhaps just in one page or post with an exec php in pages/posts plugin…

    2) Get the plugin repaired so it works for you through freelancer… should only cost $50 or less because it appears to be some sort of conflict with the new wordpress which should be easy to fix. Another option is the company smart info sys which are based in india and do a thorough job.

    Hope this helps

  20. says

    I am using Firefox 5 and my WP installation is 2.9.2, also I am adding the short code to each page that describe one product/service.

    I am having same problem as mentioned by Mona, if I am logged in the WP-Admin panel the widget is displayed and e-mail is sent, but if i logged off then it doesn’t work.

    The cookies in my browser are enabled, I also tried with Explorer 8, Safari and Chrome but widget does not display.

  21. says

    One more comment. I logged in WP-Admin using Safari (on iPad) and the widget is displayed fine but if I logged out the widegt is not shown. The problem is across all main browsers.

    One more thing your active demo has a field that says Qty. but the installed plugin doesn’t show that field in the widget. How can the Qty field be activated?

    • admin says

      The quantity on the demo site was a modification I was trying to do for someone which I couldn’t get working. Try freelancer.com and someone should be able to do this for you for less than $50 Australian

  22. says


    I found one not correct sql statement which cause that favorite_quote table is not created and no error is printed, in:
    $sql = “CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS $table_name (”
    .” user_id MEDIUMINT NULL,”
    .” post_id TEXT NULL,”
    .” cookie_id int(11) NULL,”
    .” quote_id TEXT NULL,”
    .” UNIQUE KEY id (id)”
    .” ) TYPE=MYISAM;”;

    If you remove “TYPE=MYISAM” everything should work correctly. I think this is cause that MySql 5.1 or higher use ENGINE keyword instead of TYPE.


  23. says

    Adamoo & Admin,

    I removed in the php the expression “TYPE=MYISAM” but no luck. Everything works fine if I am signed on the WP-Panel but as soon as I logged off it stop working. The widget don’t get displayed.

    My site is http://bycotechnologies.com/services, please take a look. I really would appreciate the help.

  24. milliont says

    I am trying out Quote Cart on my localhost with the latest WordPress. I tried adding the quote in the Loop.php following your exact instructions. After update and tried running my home page, I got this error :

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘=’ in M:Wordpressxampphtdocswordpresswp-contentthemestwentytenloop.php on line 151

    May I know what went wrong? Thank you.

  25. Leonard says

    It took me hours to finally found the slight slip that causes widget not displaying to visitors mentioned above.
    In my_fav_quote_modify_database2(), replace

    $cookie = $random_number;


    $_SESSION['SET_QUOTES'] = $random_number;
    $cookie = $_SESSION['SET_QUOTES'];

    This plugin holds a very good concept. Wish there would be further development to update some deprecated functions in the code. Thanks all the same.

  26. Rizwan says

    When someone send a request, all names are recorded in this type “UeOUeeUeAUeOUeeUeeUeOUeeUesUeOUeeUeAUeOUeeUeeUeOUe”

    Can u help me?

  27. martin says

    Hi there I really like your plugin.
    I have modified it a bit to show me pics of the selected products in a shopping cart site. So when I have selected some items I have the widget in my sidebar and the pics in the content.
    Now if the cart is empty I want to show something like “You have no products selected”

  28. martin says

    Hi I got it.
    I have added this after line 1520

    if ( function_exists( 'my_fav_quote_display' ) ){
    $out .= my_fav_quote_display();
    $emptycart = my_fav_quote_display();

    if (empty($emptycart)){
    echo 'You have no product selected';

    if ( function_exists( 'my_fav_quote_display3' ) ){
    $out .= my_fav_quote_display3();

  29. says

    I’ve made the mods to the code above to get FF and GC to show the cart in the side bar but now I get loads of characters in the sent email from the form instead of a name. like this
    but many more lines.
    Not very clued up in PHP but I’ve tried starting from scratch so many times and end up with the same results.
    Anyone have any ideas?
    Have tried oDesk to find someone to fixed this which netted nothing.

  30. Naushad says

    Tried to test it on Local UniformServer, after clicking “ADD TO QUOTE” button and adding the Widget in sidebar,

    Nothing shows up in the sidebar, as it does in your Demo website.

    Please assist.

  31. says

    Tried using it today to my site as widget, didn’t work. :( Like Jon above, I just gotten those characters. Will be testing out to another template. Might work to other ones.

    • admin says

      Hi Cathy unfortunately I don’t have a solution for this issue which has occurred with a few users. If any one knows the fix for this please post thanks!

  32. says

    It really does seem to be the way you hold your mouth. After trying the fix Leonard posted so many times. I have it working but I’m not sure how long last it5 seem to break on it’s own some how.

  33. Naushad says

    Thanks Admin,

    I am unable to add multiple products (in form of sub pages) to same Quote. How to ensure this.

    Also How can i add multiple fields like a contact form to the enquiry form ?

  34. melvin says

    Hi Admin,

    Can i always show the quote even i have not added any favourite yet. meaning only show the form without favourite in it?

  35. melvin says

    and i found a problem… when i add to quote then remove it, it works fine but when i add to quote again it not works….

    example of the url:
    1. add – ?fav-post=819
    2. remove – ?fav-post=819&rem-post=819
    3. add again – ?fav-post=819&rem-post=819&fav-post=819

    the button not changing to remove qoute as well…

    hope admin can fix the bugs

  36. admin says

    Hi Naushad,

    I am not sure what you mean by multiple products… could you give me a link to your site?
    Also Adding extra fields requires some customisation which unfortunately I am unable to do sorry. Try Freelancer.


  37. admin says

    Hi Melvin

    The form wont show until the user adds products, but you can add your own information using the code Martin supplied:

    I have added this after line 1520

    if ( function_exists( ‘my_fav_quote_display’ ) ){
    $out .= my_fav_quote_display();
    $emptycart = my_fav_quote_display();

    if (empty($emptycart)){
    echo ‘You have no product selected';

    if ( function_exists( ‘my_fav_quote_display3′ ) ){
    $out .= my_fav_quote_display3();

    If you are finding problems adding and removing I can only suggest Leonards solutions above:

    my_fav_quote_modify_database2(), replace

    $cookie = $random_number;


    $_SESSION[‘SET_QUOTES’] = $random_number;
    $cookie = $_SESSION[‘SET_QUOTES’];

    Good Luck!

  38. melvin says

    hi admin,

    i have no problem adding and removing the quote at the first time but i i got problem click adding the quote for second time after i removed the qoute.

    Leonard’s solution didn’t help in this case as i already tried.

  39. says

    This is a really handy plug in. Is there any way at all to make the quotes that get sent out on the email hyperlinks back to the site?

    It’s a text-only email at present.

  40. says

    Thanks to the posts i got this plugin working, then i have updated wordpress and every time i click the add quote now it shows /?fav-quote=0 and the cart doesn’t show… please could someone help?

  41. says

    I want to add the quote cart somewhere in my page. Is it possible not to place them in a widget?
    Actually i have a a list of items and once a user click the item, they will go through a page to request a quote..
    is it any of these possible?

    Thank you

  42. says


    The ADD TO QUOTE link is linking on page that not exist. Plugin works fine for 5 min than it starts to do that. Can you help me?

  43. says

    Hi, i have a similar problem as someone before. Its that the add to quote does not work unless logged in to administrator. the cookies are allowed but it still does not work. can i get any help on this.
    thanks alot

  44. Max says

    Bilal, Leonard’s solution above works charms! It finally solved all my problems, and the plugin is working full time… thanks leonard!

  45. Rodrigo Pires says

    Como consigo adicionar um campo de quantidade que a pessoa quer por produto?


    How do I add a quantity field to the person or by product?


  46. John says

    I have added 2 more fields in the quote form, and it is working fine and the mail is being send to both the admin as well as the quote requester, but the same is not getting updated in the database and not displaying the the quotecart page in WP- Admin dashboard, where I am doing wrong?

    if (mail($email,$subject,$user_message, $header)) {

    $query = “INSERT INTO ” . $table_quotes . ”
    (created_date, ip, email, phone, asunto, name, quotes)
    VALUES (
    ‘” . $my_fav_quote_ip . “‘,
    ‘” . $email . “‘,
    ‘” . $phone . “‘,
    ‘” . $asunto . “‘,
    ‘” . $name . “‘,
    ‘”.str_replace(“”,”,”,$quotes3).”‘ )”;
    $result = $wpdb->query($query);
    mail($email_from,$subject_admin,$admin_message, $header);
    echo stripslashes(get_option(‘my_fav_quote_msg_sent’));

    Here I have added 2 fields Phone and Asunto.

    Any suggestion?

  47. Bp says

    Martin’s solution for display an empty cart did not seem to work for me

    August 11, 2011 at 12:33 AM # 44
    Hi I got it.
    I have added this after line 1520

    if ( function_exists( ‘my_fav_quote_display’ ) ){
    $out .= my_fav_quote_display();
    $emptycart = my_fav_quote_display();

    if (empty($emptycart)){
    echo ‘You have no product selected';

    if ( function_exists( ‘my_fav_quote_display3′ ) ){
    $out .= my_fav_quote_display3();

    any other way to make this happen?

  48. Louise says

    Hi everyone,

    Thank you Leonard for your help!

    Is there a way to add more fields such as contact number (required) ?

    Thank you

  49. che says

    Hi, Is there any possible solution to add another box in the quote chart like this
    Name: box
    Message: box
    additional Message: box
    additional Message: box
    Many thanks

  50. Igor says

    The request, which sends to an e-mail doesn’t interpritate CIRILLIC alphabet:(
    So the request comes as a number of chaotic symbols..
    Is it possible to add cirrilic alphabet to the plugin?

  51. Conselho SteamPunk says

    Hi there,

    I added an “Advanced Custom Field” to the (WP E-Commerce) Products as a Product Code information and I would like the email sent to the admin to go through email with the rest of the quote data.

    How could I add the Codes to the product listing sent by Quote Cart?



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